Life At VA

Daily Schedule


Students are expected to be at school by 7:50. Classes start at 8:00 am, each lesson takes 75 minutes and after each lesson, students have a ten-minute break. Students take two courses per quadmester. Each subject is taught in two periods per day for two and a half hours (Periods 1 and 2 for one subject, periods 3 and 4 for the
second subject).

Gathering time

Every day between 10:40 and 11, all students get together for Gathering Time. These meetings
include announcements, celebrations, school and exam datelines, student performances, presentations, extracurricular activities, discussions on timely issues, student government activities, etc

Lunch Break

VEGA Academy does not provide lunch meals. However, some restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood provide VEGA Academy students with a discount (presentation of VEGA student ID card is required).

Study Class

The 5th time period of each day is a study class. The purpose of study classes is to improve study habits and to provide a setting where students can ask questions freely based on their individual needs, and to provide guidance and support for students on a daily basis.

Study classes are supervised by subject teachers. Students can work on their assignments and receive assistance as required. This time can also be used for group projects and peer collaboration. Study classes foster the development of communication between teachers and students and contribute to the growth of learning and study skills.


08:00-09:15Period 1
09:25-10:40 amPeriod 2
10:40-11:00 amGATHERING TIME
11:00-12:15Period 3
1:15-2:30Period 4
2:30 – 2:40Break
2:40 – 3:40 pmStudy Period

Extra Curricular Activities

Why are extra curricular activities important?

Improve Classroom Performance

Reduce Stress

Explore Interests and broaden horizons

Build Connections and Relationships

Improve Time Management, Prioritization, and other skills

Develop Leadership


Clubs are introduced to you throughout the first week of Academic Calendar. You participate in the introductory presentations of clubs to receive more information and on Friday, at the end of the first week you sign up for a Club for the semester. You can change your club every semester or choose to stay for a year.

* Because of Covid 19, all clubs will be all held online this academic year.

Leadership Passport

The Leadership Passport documents and acknowledges your leadership services while studying at VEGA Academy. The VEGA Academy Leadership Passport displays an important portfolio of your community involvements, which demonstrates leadership skills. Members of leadership-oriented clubs receive 10 hours of community service involvement which counts toward your graduation requirement of 40.

Leadership-oriented clubs include

Student Government

Student Ambassador

Aleks-Math Troubleshoot Support Desk

VEGA Academy Event Management

Entrepreneurship Business Project

Involvement in these clubs are acknowledged on this document. You are encouraged to showcase their leadership passports in the process of university and college applications, to strengthen your acceptance.

English As A Second Courses At The Weekends

Because of the articulation between VEGA Academy and VEGA Language Academy, VEGA Language Academy offers you ESL courses on the weekends with no additional fee. If you need to improve your language skills in English, this program is an excellent co-curricular activity you can do.

Parents Forum

VEGA Academy Event Management Club organizes forums for parents to connect your parents to your school life and academics at VEGA Academy. Your parents and VEGA Academy teachers and counsellors link up via zoom on the first Saturday of each month, to exchange ideas and discuss educational topics.

Interactive Online Wellness Workshops

To be able to cope with the challenges of Covid-19 in a healthy way, we offer interactive online wellness workshops for our students and parents.

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

Community Involvement Hours

You must complete 40 community involvement hours as one of the requirements for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The aim is to encourage you to become actively involved in making positive contributions to the community. You may begin accumulating their 40 hours during the summer before they enter Grade 9. You submit a signed letter(s) from the supervisor (on letterhead) that includes number of hours, description of the activity and the organization name to their Guidance Office.

Student Support

We provide a positive, supportive, peaceful and safe learning environment for you to support your learning and well-being within VEGA Academy community. We strengthen relationships and build partnerships among our students, staff, families and communities and offer a wide range of programs that reflects all of our students’ voices, choices, abilities, identities and experiences.

Tips for Well-Being

Connect with others

Keep learning new things

Notice how you’re feeling

Be active