About Us

VEGA Academy is one of the VEGA Academic’s educational institutions together with VEGA Language Academy and VEGA Continuing Education Studies (Professional certificate and diploma programs) in Toronto, Canada.

VEGA Academy is mainly an international business and commerce focused college. Moreover, it has the vision to offer a broad range of next-generation secondary school programs such as business, management, life science, computer science, engineering. VEGA Academy gives a dual credit option for its students – those who are eligible can earn credits for the first year of their higher education at International Business University – IBU.

VEGA Academy has an articulation with International Business University (IBU) in Canada. IBU is the first independent, not-for-profit university that has been granted consent by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities in December 2020. IBU offers a personalized experience and industry-focused curriculum for a successful career in today’s highly competitive business world. Because of the affiliation, VEGA Academy graduates who meet the required admission criteria are guaranteed to have direct entry to IBU’s, or any of our partner college’s, programs.


Our mission is to prepare our students personally, academically and socially for the culturally diverse global community where they can innovate and evolve. We provide a positive, safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment that nurtures the academic, personal and social development of our students at their own self-paced and prepares them for life-long learning, leadership, and societal contribution

Our Vision

VEGA Academy’s vision is to be a respected nationally and internationally recognized K-12 private school, offering an educational program at the highest academic and ethical standards.