Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to VEGA Academy,

On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration of VEGA Academy, I would like thank you all for your interest in our Academy.You will all be a member of our small, diverse, inspiring VEGA Academy community soon. We provide rich learning opportunities for you and continually focus on your development and growth. We ensure you learn without limits by pursuing knowledge and skills about the world within a safe and nurturing environment. You’ll all belong, You’ll all matter, You’ll be all respected.

Throughout your education at VEGA Academy, we will walk with you from the beginning to the graduation and everywhere in between we will be there for you to help, support and guide. We will meet you where you are and help you grow from there. You will be encouraged to be brave to broaden your minds and speak your minds. You will be creative and think outside the box. You will experiment, collaborate, discuss, share and learn together. You will extend your skills and abilities beyond the classroom.

Leadership skills will be initiated in every part of your journey at VEGA Academy in almost every grade. You will earn a VEGA Academy Leadership passport through the courses, activities and, volunteer projects you involve in during your grade 9-12. You will learn to be a great communicators, listeners, mediators and public speakers. Presentations will be a big part of your course requirements that you will demonstrate and share your ideas, solutions, theories and findings with your classmates and teachers all the time. You will join debates, workshops, seminars and competitions to let your voices be heard and also hear new voices.

To conclude, teaching and learning are a joint venture for VEGA Academy community and we are very excited you are in this venture together. We wish you all a successful, joyful academic year.

With my very best wishes,
Asiye Tatli, MBA,
Principal of VEGA Academy